URBANLIFE CAFE: coming to City Heights summer 2017! (inside Copley-Price YMCA 4300 El Cajon Blvd San Diego CA 92105)



Tables is an initiative of Urbanlife San Diego, located in City Heights and Southeast San Diego.  Our Farms branch currently has two functioning farm locations, where we provide produce for CSA subscribers. We are striving to start a social enterprise business for the farm hands and new interns, teaching them about the food industry based on the ongoing harvest.  

This classroom setting, along with our events/catering program is called TABLES. Even though we're two different initiatives altogether... Urbanlife Farms, and Tables are closely integrated. 




The young adult interns (18-24 y/o) will learn every aspect of the food and hospitality industry through a stipend-paid apprenticeship. This includes everything from entry level jobs to management and chef-level skills.  Our end goal is to be able to either place the graduates into businesses we've partnered with, and/or hire them directly back into our training program as staff.  We'll focus a lot on food safety and culinary skills in the kitchen, working with fresh produce every week, but will also train them on customer service and basic communication skills.  By the time they finish the 10 week course, they will have enough training and skill set to be able to maintain a majority of food service and hospitality related jobs.



Another aspect of their learning includes "field trips" to various small businesses: coffee roasters, breweries, farms, catering kitchens, design offices, schools, and other young adult-focused job readiness programs. Here they will get to experience and learn from working professionals functioning in the local business sector.