Josh Kemble

Head of urbanlife tables

I was supposed to be a lumberjack, a missionary, or a restaurant owner.  I've still been trying to find a way to use all my gifts, chop down forests in foreign countries (not really), and serve the community some hot meals. 

I felt a pull towards working more with UrbanLife at the end of 2014.  I met with Sarah (exec. director), on a mildly cloudy day, at the first UrbanLife Farm.  We talked about what it would look like to start a culinary training initiative of our own, similar to the one I helped start in San Francisco (Old Skool Cafe). We started to hash out some details... In the between time, I was meeting more of the young folks in the neighborhoods and communities where we live. I've seen each student grow in many ways, and I want to help them continue that onward journey to success.  


Lina Bell

Tables Program Manager

Lina Bell is an indigenous leader from the City Heights community. She has the gift of teaching, planning, and executing. As a way of blessing her family and friends she spends hours planning special events that creates lifelong memories. Her experiences in those areas transfer to her work with Urban Life Tables.  She strives to provide customer service that goes above and beyond what is required in hopes that the students in the program acquire joyful hearts of service and love. She also really enjoys writing about herself in third person *wink, wink.  Lina and her husband Patrick are proud owners of the cutest dog in the world...Comet.